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Since 2009, the PPN has reported 24 cases of death in prison in order to guarantee the beginning of judicial investigation; and it has also provided information as amicus curiae in other 72 reports. Likewise, the PPN acted as claimant in 11 reports, two of which were the only investigations taken to oral trial.

Witness case.
A person accused of attempted theft crime due to an incident taking place at a supermarket, was arrested in August 2017 by the Criminal and Correctional Court No. 39 from the Federal Capital. The statement made by the accused during the preliminary examination reflected that he had issues even when expressing himself due to health problems. Even though he was admitted at the Central Penitentiary Hospital I of the CPF I in Ezeiza, he was not released. Three days later, he passed away while being deprived of liberty.

Hanging cases in Ezeiza.
During 2017, 10 hanging cases were registered in the CPF I in Ezeiza. This figure exceeds the annual media of 2.8 from the 2009-2016 period. Records gathered by this organization allow to identify the close relation between deaths caused by hanging and various rights violations, as well as the connection between hanging cases in prison and the existence of high levels of solitary confinement and physical aggression. The inspection could prove the lack of clear guidelines as regards the security staff, lack of knowledge on CPR and other resources needed to be applied when facing an emergency.